Work Online at Home

Work Online at Home

Are you thinking of working Online at home. Are you new to online jobs, you already have some experience or are you a pro? Are you retired and still want to make some money? Do you have a condition or situation that makes it impossible for you to go out there and get a 9 – 5 job? Or you have a job and need extra money. Or you just want to make an online job your career? You will need to know your purpose, why you want to work from home online. What would the benefits be? And what are the realities of working online at home. Also, where do I start and what tools do I need?


Your Why
Your Why


What is your WHY?

Ask yourself why do I want to do this? Or why am I doing this? Why do I want to work Online from home? Once you know your why, your why is your purpose, I mean you know why you want to work from home, your vision of what you want from working at home, online starts getting clear and you are able to set realistic goals for yourself. You are able to figure out what you have to do to achieve your goals. Like me you may still want to be busy and making money at retirement age. Do you have young children? Pets? A health condition? And you still want to be productive around it al? You have come to the right page.


Home Work
Home work

Benefits of working at home

When you work from the comfort of your home some benefits are yours, such as:

Reduced overhead costs – I mean transport, rent, electricity, office wears. Money is saved from these unnecessary expenses.

Commuting to and back from work time is saved. You don’t have to incur fuel expenses, mileage on your car or battle with annoying traffic to and from work every day.

Working close to the family, especially if you have young children, you are saving the money that would have gone to child care and make some money at home as well.

You have more concentration on work being on your own. More work is done. You get a better balance between your personal life and work life. You are in your own comfortable space. No office politics, no annoying colleagues and bosses to deal with.


Make money online
Make money online

Benefits of working online

Very little or no paper work is involved, all you need to work online is internet connection and a computer. You can also work from your iPad or from your phone.

Flexibility – you can work as long or short as you want with any schedule you want. You can fix your break times to suite you.

A healthier you -you are more relaxed working online, this reduces stress, boosts your immunity reducing the risk of lifetime diseases.

Better life quality – you can fit other things into your schedule such as, gym, orchestra and holiday.

Unlimited earning potential – you are not on a fixed salary, the amount you earn depends on you and how much work you put in.

Opportunity to keep learning – the program I work with (wealthy affiliate) gives an up to date video training every week. Most of the time you are your own boss.

You can work from any location in the world – I was picking a friend up at the airport, the wait became a long one, I just logged in and work continued as I waited in the car.

Wealthy Affiliate is the program I work online with, it is the best online program to work with.


Things to do
Things to do

Points to note when Working Online at home

– Time management, it is very important, that you have a schedule and stick to it. Put some break time into your schedule don’t overwork yourself. When distractions within the home come along your schedule helps you stay on track.

– Create an office space, don’t work in front of the TV or in a posture that might be detrimental to your health. Get a table with a proper office chair.

– Take breaks and holidays, all work and no rest or play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. You don’t want to be at work all round the clock.

– Have a social life, most of the time you are working on your own, join one or more groups to have a social life, go to the gym, join a dance class or an orchestra, have some people you physically interact with on a weekly basis.

– Make sure you have a mentor or a source of training in place. Someone or somewhere you can go to if you have a question or if you get stuck on anything. Wealthy Affiliate has experienced professionals who are always ready to help you.



Get Started or Keep Going

Working online is great, doing it from home is even greater! You can do it round family, round another job. If you are the traveling type of person, work doesn’t have to stop. Just login and keep working. Fit it around any type of life you have. A great place to start working online or perfect your online skills would be the Wealthy Affiliate

Now there are a thousand and one places online to work at. Where exactly do I go? You don’t want to be scammed and you don’t want to waste money buying so many programs that are not providing everything you need. There is a one stop shop that has everything you need to be successful online. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is perfect for newbies online and it gives you a boost if you are already a pro. You can check it out for free. For 7 days you will have access to the whole program. After 7 days you can choose to remain a free member with limited access or you can go premium.

To give wealthy Affiliate a try click on this link.

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22 thoughts on “Work Online at Home

  1. charles39

    This very nice article for I am interested in working online and you have given me ways to go about it this will help me in bettering my income source hope to keep getting more of this kind of articles from about working online jobs so that I can keep learning and gaining more knowledge.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Charles, working online is a great job to have. 

  2. Oneal22

    Beautiful post, I am glad to have stumbled upon this today, the benefits of working an online job are endless and infinite in my own humble opinion. This is so because, unlike jobs where you have to answer to a boss or a superior, you can always do your thing in anyway or form you deem fit. The rate at which online jobs save stress is also amazing

    1. admin

      I agree, working online does reduce stress. 

  3. Hi Tony

    Hi there!

    Thanks a lot for this awesome opportunity to work online. I will really like to venture into this. I know wealth affiliate is a great platform to actualize this great news but i was quite skeptical about the platform but after a comprehensive  breakdown of the platform by this article. I’m gonna give it a shot. A platform were I can equip myself with digital and affiliate marketing skills combined with the monetary aspect of it which is one of the greatest features. I’ll sign up for this. Thanks once more for this information.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Tony. 

      Sign up as soon as you can, there’s so much to gain. 

  4. carlos

    Many people fantasize about working at home but are not aware of what is involved to be successful in working from home.That is why your article is very useful.Especially examining the reasons for working at home.There are many opportunities for working from home such as being a sales representative,editor or customer service representative.Some of these opportunities can be found by searching for flexible jobs online.But the choice really depends on your special situation and your skills.In my case I must work from home because I am retired and unable to leave my home since I am the caretaker for my wife.We are both retired and elderly.I have found that for me, my best choice was to work from home online.And the best choice was doing affiliate marketing ;I believe that  to learn affiliate marketing and start your own online business you should look at Wealthy Affiliate.I am a member, so I can vouch for the quality of the training and support.I am on my way to reach my goal of earning additional income working from home.

    1. admin

      You are a member of the best online program Carlos.

      I wish you all the best in your online business. 

  5. Gom

    Hi Juliet

    I’d like to chip in here and bring some good news to the author and to all the readers of this blog. Just recently, the President of the Philippines has signed a law here supporting telecommuting or working from home! So, this will boost people’s awareness of the benefits of working from home like you explained here in this article. More and more people will be opened to this idea, and of course, to exploring that one that you recommend which is Wealthy Affiliate. 


    ~ Gom

    1. admin

      This is great news Gorn. Thank you. 

  6. Martin Burt

    I have been working online for a number of years now. The benefits are amazing but like you say you have to treat it like a job in some ways, I tend to work for a few hours Monday to Friday and then take a some time of at the weekends. I would fully recommend Wealthy affiliate too great training support and tools. 

    1. admin

      Thanks for your nice comment Martin. 

  7. Mike

    Hello Juliet – Your article is well thought out – thank you.  I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for online income and that working at home, on your schedule is not only a stress reliever but healthy for you in many ways.

    Working from online does not really mean working less as you must put in the time and effort to earn your money.  I t does mean, as you say, there is less travel, fewer costs and a better lifestyle – all extremely important.

    Thanks Again – Mike

    1. admin

      Thank you Mike.

  8. Saori

    This is a good reminder for me. I dream about working from home but I forget to think about why I want to work from home instead of going to a 9 to 6 office job and benefits of working from home. Those things are motivation to work hard and Make it happen. I also agree that you should not work in front of TV! I know some people who claim they work from a comfort of their home but I bet they are not being productive. Great article that reminded me why I wanted to get into an online business a few month ago! 

    1. admin

      Thanks for your nice comment Saori.

  9. Michael

    This is a great post. 

    I love the way you coupled the review.

    I cannot  but agree with everything you have said here. There is nothing sweeter than working online especially from home. This gives you the room of being your own boss. The benefits cant be over emphasized because you work at your own pace. Of course. I have read many articles about Wealthy Affiliate and i can tell you it is the best online program to work with.

    1. admin

      Thanks Michael, big Yes to wealthy affiliate! 

  10. Austin Grady

    You have provided a very clear overview of what is required to be successful in working online from home.I especially like the section where you explained the importance of knowing why we are taking this on. I am retired and just started working online recently. My why was because I wanted more income. When I thought about how much I needed to do and how long I might have to wait before I could expect an income, I got a little discouraged.  I was thinking about the money but the real “why” I am doing this is to build something that will become more valuable and keep paying me even when I’m traveling the world and not putting a lot of time in.

    I can see why you said it’s important to know your “why.” I would encourage everyone to look a little deeper than making money. This was a great article and I’m glad that I found your page.

    1. admin

      Thanks Austin, I agree with you, money is the result not the why. 

  11. John

    Great article about working online at home, Juliet!

    Working at home online really does have a lot of benefits, in fact working online, in general, has a lot of benefits as your article points out!

    Personally, I love the freedom of being my own boss, working when I want, around my family and other commitments… but it is definitely not for everyone…

    As you mention, it all comes down to your “why”

    If you have a strong enough reason for wanting to work online from home, then you will definitely find a way!

    Great post!

    1. admin

      Thanks for coming by John. 

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